Cutting #'s -A Hairstylist's Journey to Accounting

Learning to Live as an Adult

Posted in Uncategorized by heather0609 on October 25, 2012

Here we are! We are finally homeowners and it’s fabulous! We have our house, each other, and our dog! What more could we need really?

How about some friends? A job maybe? Oh I know, a life!!!

I am so effing sick of feeling like a good for nothing sack of shit!!! Why is it that I can’t find a job here in a province so much bigger than where I came from, when I could still be frigging working and making a buck at home! I can’t even seem to get a call back to a salon, let alone get a yes on an accounting position! I’ve at least been called for interviews for the accounting ones, but the salons haven’t made a peep!

Why did I even go back to school? Oh right, because I needed a decent paying job! So here I am, miles away from home, applying for anything and everything, and getting shit all! When is everything supposed to turn around and look up for a change?

I mean, it’s great and all that we bought a house, we got an amazing dog, but what the hell am I supposed to be doing? I’m just here doing shit around the house sending resumes off left right and center, and all I get in the evening is “So, what did you do all day?” I sat on my ass and stared at the fricking ceiling all day!! What do you think I did? I made phone calls that had to be made, I emailed resumes off to like a hundred jobs, that are never gonna call me back, and I spent half the day taking the dog out to pee, though you would never say it since she all of a sudden peed on the floor while we were eating the supper that I just finished making for us!!!

I am so sick of feeling useless!


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