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Posted in Uncategorized by heather0609 on February 16, 2011

So I started going to the gym recently and so far it feels fantastic! My body loves me for the workouts it’s getting, however, I also decided I would go tanning again! I was all excited about getting my bronze on! I had it all planned out to ease my way back into some color other than “glare”. I went out and bought new lotion because mine was all expired and I figured I had it all figured out! NOT so much!!!

I went for 5 mins last week and did ok. This week I upped it to 10, thinking that I was only doubling what I did last week, so I should be ok! WRONG!!! The combination of new lotion and time doubling and I am a crispy critter!!! My everything hurts and it’s not the “good hurt” that the gym usually offers! I look like a cooked lobster and feel as though some one has poured boiling hot water down my back and all over the backs of my legs. My front didn’t get AS BAD a burn, that’s merely a touch rosy, but I am so shocked by how bad my back actually is!

The gym still has my heart but I’m seriously second-guessing the tanning!!! It’ll be a while before I attempt it again, but I’m determined to work through the self-inflicted pain and I’m going to the gym tonight despite how much it’s bound to hurt!!!


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