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Getting Old

Posted in Uncategorized by heather0609 on February 20, 2011

I don’t know when everything changed, but somewhere in there I got old! No longer do the evenings start at 11pm and end up downtown, only to stumble home at 4am drunk as a skunk! No more HUGE parties where your entire Facebook friends list is invited! No more conversations about where the party will be held next time or who you hope doesn’t get invited. And on that note, no more putting up with people you wish you hadn’t invited!

My parties have turned into dinner dates, where guests arrive at 5pm to eat for 6pm. Then everyone has fabulous dinner table conversations until after dessert when they move into the living room to continue chatting. Those conversations have totally changed as well! Gone are the days of talking about how drunk one is and how much more drunk one will be in a few more minutes!! Now we have mature convo’s about money, jobs, houses, family and pets!

Suddenly I’m an adult! Now at almost 27 this is probably a good thing; but where was I when it happened?!?!



Posted in Uncategorized by heather0609 on February 16, 2011

So I started going to the gym recently and so far it feels fantastic! My body loves me for the workouts it’s getting, however, I also decided I would go tanning again! I was all excited about getting my bronze on! I had it all planned out to ease my way back into some color other than “glare”. I went out and bought new lotion because mine was all expired and I figured I had it all figured out! NOT so much!!!

I went for 5 mins last week and did ok. This week I upped it to 10, thinking that I was only doubling what I did last week, so I should be ok! WRONG!!! The combination of new lotion and time doubling and I am a crispy critter!!! My everything hurts and it’s not the “good hurt” that the gym usually offers! I look like a cooked lobster and feel as though some one has poured boiling hot water down my back and all over the backs of my legs. My front didn’t get AS BAD a burn, that’s merely a touch rosy, but I am so shocked by how bad my back actually is!

The gym still has my heart but I’m seriously second-guessing the tanning!!! It’ll be a while before I attempt it again, but I’m determined to work through the self-inflicted pain and I’m going to the gym tonight despite how much it’s bound to hurt!!!